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Detergent Oil with Antibacterial and Antifungal Activity

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Packaging tube, 250ml

Micolipid Plus Olio detergent scalp and hairs reaches an important milestone in the cleaning with antifungal activity. This detergent formulated on oil-base, in fact, ensure an unprecedented deposit of functional active ingredients (Ciclopirox olamine and Climbazole).
Simultaneously to this high and long deposit of the activies, during the cleaning Micolipid Plus does not alters the natural and physiological hydrolipidic layer of the epidermis, preventing the bacterial and mycotic flora excessive proliferation that there is on the skin.

When to use Microlipid Plus
In case of:
– Dermatophytosis
– onychomycosis
– seborrheic dermatitis of thre scalp, face and trunk
– bacterial infections

– ciclopirox olamina 0,5%: Anti-fungal that inhibits the reception of substances essential for the metabolism and the development of fungal cells
Climbazole 0,5%: It reduces the defensive properties of the fungus resulting in death of the parasite.

– Preservatives
– Dyes
– Petrolati
– Gluten
– NICKEL Tested <0.00001%
– Acid pH

Although formulated trying to minimize any risk of hyper-awareness are advised to avoid contact with eyes and mouth.