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Normon Skin Feel Gel Cream

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Packaging: tube, 50ml

Gel Cream with extreme tolerance, hydrating, soothing and photo-protective.

Created in response to all skins (of any age) that, because of their poor hydration and prolonged stress, give rise to serious problems of dryness, desquamation, hypersensitivity (itching, discomfort, poor tolerance). Its constant use, day after day, hydrates, soothes and restores every skin that needs a significant and concrete normalizing gesture.


Formulated with the aid of the highest dermo-cosmetic technologies available in Italy and therefore in the world, the dosage does not contain preservatives, perfumes, dyes, traces of nickel, of gluten, lanolin, petrolatum and ethoxylates.
Normon Skin-Feel Gel Cream, minimizes, as never before, any risk of allergic reaction and irritation. Thanks to the use and balance of highly nutritious ingredients in the skin, such as Trehalose, Linseed essence, allantoin and shea butter, the skin rediscovers a normal and healthy condition. The delicate gel formulation of this cream, in fact, will give comfort sensations unprecedented in scope dermo-cosmetic.

A short description of MAIN ACTIVE PRINCIPLES USED:

Disaccharide composed of two glucose molecules. It is an amazing molecule that plays an important protective role for the skin: sequesters the epidermis water  and then releases it in his absence. Its task then is to have a highly moisturizing effect.

active molecule from the very low concentrations, a marked hydrating, softening and soothing action. It increases the ability to capture and fix the water in the epidermis.

To underline
– Trehalose
– Allantoin
– Fragrance free
– Preservative free
– Without Dyes
– Gluten free
– Nickel Tested

How to use:
Apply to the affected area a generous amount of product, several times a day depending on the needs of every skin until immediate and complete absorption after thorough and gentle cleansing.