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Normon Uv-Med Spray 250ml

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Package: Spray tube, 150 ml

Emulsion latest generation of oil-in-water type formulated for intense sun exposure and solar intolerances. Fresh and fluid texture, easy to apply, non-sticky for an action anti-sand. It guarantees long-lasting hydration. Product formulated without the use of preservatives, perfumes and dyes; Moreover, it is devoid of gluten thickener.

Its protective action, moisturizing and softening is mainly due to the presence of:

Disaccharide composed of two glucose molecules. It is an amazing molecule that plays an important protective role for the skin: sequesters the epidermis water  and then releases it in his absence.
This happens often during frequent and prolonged sun exposure. His task, then, is to have a highly moisturizing and emollient effect.

Natural tocopherol
Stable form of Vitamin E. It is an important protective factor against skin oxidation which accelerates in the presence of UV exposure, leading to the formation of highly harmful substances for the dermal cells life and the organism as a whole.

Extreme photostability
The Normon UV-med  protection ensures the protective efficacy of the filtering system during exposure to the sun by using a pool of the latest design and quality screens.

– Fragrance free, preservatives free, without dyes and gluten thickener.
– Free of Octocrylene and cinnamates.
– Nickel <0.00001%.
– Dermatologist tested.
– Extreme tolerance.
– Waterproof


Shake the product before use, apply it right before sun exposure.
The application must be renewed abundatly and frequently, even more so after bathing and drying.
Prolonged sun exposure can be harmful. A sunscreen never protects totally. It is advisable not to expose babies and children in direct contact with the sun. Avoid using the product around the eyes and in case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Do not spray directly on face.