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Crema Sport 1 250ml

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Vegetal cream massage, commonly used by sportsmen before any physical activity to prevent injuries andmuscle traumas that may occur at the start of physical activity. Recommended by doctors, physiotherapists and massage therapists for massage rehabilitation of traumatized limbs.

Main active principles used

Capsicum extract: it’s a powerful local stimulator, its oleoresin and its active ingredients soften the skin, giving an intense burning sensation, yet it doesn’t form any blisters on the dermis. It has a desensitizing action, and a local analgesic and anti- inflammatory action.

Rosemary extract: it’s a natural extract with an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant function. It’s great for cicatrizing and it also has antioxidative properties.

Arnica extract: it has anti-ecchymotic, revulsive,soothing and decongestant properties. It stimulates and acts as a toner for the skin. It helps slimming and relaxing.

Birch extract: its active ingredients are rich of flavonoides (hyperoside, quercetin and mircetin-3-glucoside) and, in minor quantities, tannins and ascorbic acid. It has astringent properties thanks to the great amount of flavonoides. It’s a decongestant and anti-reddening element, it conducts soothing activities towards manifestation of contact dermatitis caused by sportive synthetic clothing.

How to use

Apply to the affected area and massage slowly and vigorously from the top down until completely absorbed.