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Normon Oil – Oleate Detergent

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Packaging: 400 ml bottle

Shower-bath oil for the delicate cleansing of the body and face, without altering the hydro-lipid film.

Blend of vegetal oils, triglycerides and oily extracts, recommended for cleaning the skin, even the most delicate, without altering the hydro-lipid film. Also ideal for cleansing of those areas of the body that needs care and attention. Its nourishing and moisturizing effect manifests leaving the skin extremely soft.
Recommended in case of easily reddening and constitutionally dry skin, predisposed to allergies or premature aging. As a cleansing oil from newborn to the elderly and as a cleanser for the face, emulsified with a little of warm water.

How to use
Spread the product on the skin with the fingertips (or with a cotton swab moistened with the product), gently massaging in small circles.
Then rinse thoroughly.

Main components
– Wheat germ oil
– Lavender oil
– Chamomile Extract
– Calendula extract
– Ivy extract