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Normon Rebalancing Shampo

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Packaging: 250 ml tube

Rebalancing shampoo to treat dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

This product has been specially formulated for scalp treatment affectionately by desquamative type phenomena, iperseborroic and annexed inflammatory state.

The use of delicate surfactants and a targeted active ingredients system will ensure a warhead effectiveness, in terms of combat of symptoms and pleasantness of use.

Suitable for cleansing of all scalp types, even the most sensitive, plays a reducing action against dandruff, and sebum on fungal presence (eg: Malassezia furfur), without leaving a feeling of dryness and giving good gloss and manageability to hair.

How to use
As customary shampoos, two or three times a week, but also more because of the product innocuousness. However it is recommended a continued use over time, if ever, alternating with another even more gentle cleansing base (eg: Normon Junior).

Main components:
– Piroctone Olamine
– Undecilencollagene
– Lipacide
– Nettle (dry extract)
– Burdock (dry extract)